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Level II Video Evaluation

Our trained professionals at Dennis Hearth & Home utilize a 21- point safety evaluation check list and video scan system that is approved by the National Chimney Sweep Guild.


Chimney Sweeping is the process of removing creosote buildup and debris from the inside walls of the chimney that could be a hazard and lead to a chimney or house fire or that prevent proper clearance or ventilation of smoke and gasses. 


We provide professional itemized estimates with affordable options for ALL Construction and Remodeling needs or wants.

Chimney Relining

This is the process of replacing a damaged or inappropriate lining system with a lining system that is appropriate for the appliance needing vented.

Chimney Repairs

We can correct and assortment of chimney and fireplace problems including, problems with smoke, loosing heat, or drafting cold air in, as well as problems with leaking, and deterioration brick, block and stone.

Fireplace Remodels

We can improve the look and function an existing fireplace or stove by working together to design the look and function that fits your needs.

Fireplace and stove Repairs

Replacing parts for gas and wood fireplaces and stoves is a common problem, and we are glad to evaluate what needs done to bring your appliance to it’s best working condition.

Fireplace Installation, Service, and Sales

Including Gas Fireplaces & Wood Stoves. If you point to a boring wall, we’ll be glad to give it the character and warmth you are after.

Chimney Caps:

The chimney Cap is a metal structure that sits at the top of the chimney flue tile. 

Crowns and Chase Covers

We also provide chase covers alternative to crowns that are custom fabricated in stainless Steel or Copper. Pre- Poured or poured concrete crowns

Fireplace Design, Installation, Sales and Service of Wood and Gas appliances

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